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Apple’s Official iPhone 3G Unlock

Posted by neeraj on Wednesday, February 10, 2010 , under , | comments (0)

While most iPhone users are aware of unofficial unlock methods, you may be surprised to discover that it’s possible to legally unlock your device.

 The above image is the not-often-seen official unlock notification, as displayed in iTunes. The dialogue succinctly confirms that the user’s iPhone, in this case a 3G, has been unlocked and can now be used on any carrier. Note the Apple logo at the top left — this is a result of an official unlock sanctioned by Apple.

Read on to find out how an iPhone 3G can be legally unlocked.

Some of the iPhone distributors are happy to lend a helping hand in unlocking your old iPhone 3G. When the 3G was released last year, customers had to sign up for a two-year contract. When upgrading to the iPhone 3GS, those same customers are given the option to pay off the remainder of their original 3G contract. Paying off the contract, and thus completing the two years prematurely, entitles the customer to have their iPhone 3G unlocked.
The assistants at the iPhone distributors store make a note of your IMEI number and then pass it onto their boss — after that there’s a special piece of software that only their boss is authorized to use. This mystical application submits the IMEI to Apple, which in turn authorizes the device for unlocking.

And the next time you sync your iPhone 3G with iTunes, it would be unlocked. Just connect the iPhone 3G to iTunes and you will receive a new carrier settings update. After downloading and installing the update, Apple’s official iPhone unlock screen appeared.

Going the legit route is a much more painless process than using a proxy SIM or the Dev Team’s unofficial unlock. Also worth noting is that, unlike some of the illicit approaches, this unlock is permanent; you will be able to keep updating the iPhone’s OS without losing the ability to use any carrier SIM in the device.

It is surprisingly quick, easy and free unlock, although I’d be very interested to find out if any other iPhone 3G users around the world have had similar success in unlocking their iPhones.

CES 2010 Gadgets - Part I

Posted by neeraj on Saturday, January 9, 2010 , under | comments (0)

At its Thursday morning CES press conference, Dell briefly announced plans to release a slate-style tablet PC, in the same vein as the rumored Apple Tablet or the HP/Microsoft prototype tablet shown earlier in the week.

Top 10 iPhone/iPod Touch Games

Posted by neeraj on Sunday, August 23, 2009 , under , , | comments (0)

The iPhone is the best handset when it comes to the mobile gaming segment thanks to the brilliantly designed gaming environment and the list of games is just getting longer and better. So here are the top 10 games for the iPhone users, wondering which one’s are worth spending their money on.

 Rolando (ngmoco Inc.) - $5.99 (Rs. 291) (Lite version available)
Similar to the PSPs Loco Roco, fans of that will find this game as much fun and more. The story line is that the Planet, Land of the Rolando has been invaded and the citizens, the Rolandos, are rebelling. The game uses all of the iPhone’s screen features viz. the accelerometer and multitouch for gameplay.

Simply put Rolando has plenty of entertainment value. The physics of the game are great so interaction itself is a ton of fun. The variety of levels and obstacles to cross get better and better and even the music adds to the overall feel. With a total of 36 levels that can be played again and again, Rolando is worth the dough.

Rolando (ngmoco Inc.)
The ngmoco game fared so well that they’ve even released a part two – Quest for the Golden Orchid, which is priced at $9.99. They’ve upped the graphics and given the game a better 3D look and much more in terms of gameplay.

Super Monkey Ball (SEGA) - $5.99 (Rs. 291)
The best use of the devices accelerometer when it comes to gameplay can be experienced with Super Monkey Ball. The Silly Simians are up to their old tricks running around in their transparent, errr... balls, collecting bananas and jumping over or maneuvering around obstacles.

The game is full paisa vasool. Control will require a little getting used to since the iPhone’s accelerometer is so fluid. Once you’ve gotten used to it the game can get very exciting and you’ll find yourself either cursing loudly or screaming cheers. Either way it’s a lot of fun. The levels are intense and with 110 stages there’s plenty of gameplay. Another game that you will play again after completion.
Super Monkey Ball (SEGA)
The 3D graphics are extremely colorful and vibrant. It’s a really fun game that will help when you're not doing anything constructive.

Sims 3 (EA Mobile) - $6.99 (Rs. 340)
The Sims series are one of THE most popular and addictive games available for all platforms. The iPhone version of the interactive game is a near perfect experience of the Sims universe on the iPhone.

The iPhone version allows for the same amount of interactivity as found in any of the other platforms. Of course it doesn’t look as good as the PC version but it sure as hell looks better than any of the older mobile versions. The level of customization of the characters is quite intricate and it’s a lot of fun working on their personalities and traits. It offers hours of gameplay and as I said before it gets quite addictive after the first 30 minutes.
Sims 3 (EA Mobile)

I particularly like the 3D neighborhood that the Sims live in and exploration of the same is very well laid out. Go nuts!

X2 Football (X2 Games) - $6.99 (Rs. 340) (Lite version available)
Football fans are going to absolutely love X2 Football. I’m not and I loved it. It offers users a choice of more than 50 National teams through a number of tournaments, leagues and cups. The game will also give you the chance to get into the strategy of the game and take control of team management to make decisions that would affect the outcome of the game.

What’s really exciting is the layout of the game. It’s colorful and easy to follow and very well laid out. Gameplay with the virtual joystick and controls work out very well and it took me just a minute to get used to the same. It’s a very well managed game as compared to some of the others and the graphics are well done. The level of interaction is great too.
X2 Football (X2 Games)
For that kind of price, if you happen to be an avid football fan you can carry on the season long after it’s over.
Move over PSP, pack your bags DS, the iPhone is going to be the new reigning champ when it comes to mobile gaming. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but Apple can make a fan out of you.

DOOM Resurrection (id Software) – $6.99 (Rs. 340)
Keeping in tow with the original, this version is much better visually, and you’ll find yourself the only surviving Marine on Mars after experiments have gone awry (as usual) and it’s your job to keep the scientist safe. The Zombies (what else) are the enemies you have to contend with while trying to figure out what exactly happened at the Mars facility.

This is one of the better if not the best first person shooter iPhone games available. The graphics of the game make it a visual feast and I definitely recommend using static earphones for a great audio experience. The weapons ranging from rifles, shotguns and even a chainsaw make gameplay a great experience as well. The controls are quite automated except for the targeting which is where the handset’s accelerometer comes into play. It also has a shake to free yourself function that adds to the games overall appeal.
DOOM Resurrection (id Software)
DOOM fans will love it and those who aren’t will soon, and even though it seems a bit pricey, it’s well worth it.

Assassin’s Creed – Altaïr’s Chronicles (Gameloft) - $4.99 (Rs. 243)
Based on the console version, Altair’s Chronicles is actually a prequel. It’s set in Jerusalem in the year 1191 AD. Your job, as the assassin extraordinaire, is to locate a treasure called “The Chalice” and steal it from the Templars.

I fancy myself a fan of the console version simply because of the level of detail that the landscape has and the attack sequences that it offers - especially stealth assassinations. The iPhone version is of course not equipped to handle that but it does a great job nevertheless. With the help of a virtual joystick control and action keys the game is fun to play with great visuals. Sadly though like the console version, it has quite a few cut scenes with lengthy dialogues, luckily you can just skip past them here. The fight scenes and quests make it very entertaining and the 3D-rendered environments look great.
Assassin’s Creed – Altaïr’s Chronicles (Gameloft)
Like quite a few iPhone games iTunes offers a ‘lite’ version of the game for free that’s available in case you’d like to sample it first. Trust me once you start, it’s a little hard to quit.

Hero of Sparta (Gameloft) - $0.99 (Rs. 49) (Lite version available)
The story features a Spartan warrior, King Argos, who is cast away on an unknown beach, or island. It doesn’t really matter. Here you have to fight monsters and demons like Cerberus and the Cyclops and of course the gods themselves in an array of settings like Atlantis and the Underworld in order to find your way home.

God of War it ain’t, but I love the fact that it comes so damn close for a mobile game. Although the God of War mobile game is pretty good, there isn’t one for the iPhone... yet and I sit here hoping, Hero of Sparta is just what I needed to pass the time. It’s well laid out with plenty of baddies to cut through and upgrade etc. just like in GOW. The fight sequences are simple but very entertaining. Controls are a cinch and even the moments of the character from dodges and a few weapons etc. come pretty close to GOW. But it’s a cheap game and well worth every paise with plenty of quick time events to thrill most. Hack and Slash all the way!
Hero of Sparta (Gameloft)
Once you’re through with the games try it with a harder setting for better action with an arsenal of weaponry and really hardcore beasties.

Terminator Salvation (Gameloft) - $4.99 (Rs. 243)(Lite version available)
The year is 2018, the place LA. Judgment day is over and you are John Connor, leader of the Resistance against Skynet. This third person shooter has plenty of action and Terminator robots of all genre coming at you from all directions. From driving futuristic vehicles and even hacking computer consoles and locks, the idea to is to fight your way though missions and destroy the robots. Yes, it’s really that simple.

Terminator Salvation has tons of fast paced action gameplay. The targeting system and navigation through the game is very receptive and makes things just a little bit challenging but not difficult. The controls are pretty standard, in fact there’s just movement and fire. Swiping your hand across the display is for targeting. It has a sort of non-stop action feel to it which makes it quite easy to like. Just skip all the cut if you’re not totally into story mode and dive right in. One of the best aspects of the game is the cover system.
Terminator Salvation (Gameloft)
Fans of the movie will find it a lot of fun to play as the environment gives the game a very movie-like feel.

NFS Undercover (EA Mobile) - $4.99 (Rs. 243)(Lite version available)
Need for Speed is one of the most popular racing. This mobile version retouched for the iPhone’s graphics and accelerometer is designed to give you the same thrill as the console versions. Underground has the same exciting cop chases and street racing sequences as the originals.

What really makes this game so good on the iPhone is the control. No other accelerometer controlled racing game has the focus on the car and the gameplay rather than the reality aspect. The controls are easy to use and controlling the car itself is a cinch. Not that I want things to be easy and unrealistic but with the enhanced 3D graphics it’s that NFS brings to the iPhone its brilliant and very very entertaining gameplay. Of course the cars are quite snazzy as well and upgrades as well as Pink Slip races will add a lot to your ‘garage’ life.
NFS Undercover (EA Mobile)
At $4.99 the game has a lot to offer and has the capabilities to ensure repeated gameplay.

Real Racing (Firemint) – $9.99 (Rs. 485) (Lite version available)
This game takes mobile phone racing games to a whole other level. The genre is Championship Racing and this one is the king of them all in the mobile phone field at least so far. You can play against anyone in the vicinity via Wi-Fi, it even allows you to link and publish your race videos to your YouTube channel. Features coming out the wazoo!

Real Racing is one of the most realistic racing games that have hit the Mobile Gaming circuit. The graphics are truly spectacular and gameplay is accurate (well at least as much as a sophisticated mobile phone can offer). There’s so much that the game offers including multiplayer capabilities, Career Mode, Time Trials, the works. What I do like is the in car perspective, it makes the game so much more than just any old mobile phone racing games. Hardcore is an understatement.
Real Racing (Firemint)

Win an iPhone 3GS

Posted by neeraj on Wednesday, August 19, 2009 , under , , | comments (1)

Want to get your mits on a shiny new Apple iPhone 3GS? To celebrate the launch of’s restaurant booking service fonefood, is giving one away.

fonefood is a mobile restaurant booking service available from fonefood allows mobile users to search and book restaurants whilst on the go. Now available on the iPhone, fonefood gives users access to over 6,000 restaurants from cheap eats to fine dining in 12 different countries.Users in the UK can also text fonefood to 85959 to get the link free of charge and the application uses Google Maps to show restaurants near the users’ location.From 19th August until the 1st September 2009, fonefood will have a limited number of restaurant offers from £1 from Cactus Blue in Fulham and Navajo Joe in Covent Garden*. But when they're gone, they’re gone!

Check out to grab this great offer and find out more about fonefood. To celebrate this offer is giving one lucky winner an iPhone. To enter this competition all you have to do is answer some simple questions.

Gigabyte Dragon Overclocking Contest 2009

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Gigabyte Dragon Overclocking Contest 2009

Gigabyte Technology has announced the worldwide "Gigabyte Dragon Overclocking Contest 2009" with co-op with Futuremark Corp. Utilizing AMD and Gigabyte hardware, contestants worldwide will compete in two segments for the overall "Gigabyte Dragon" title within multiple prize award categories.

The contest entry period will run from Aug. 17 to Sept. 13. Prizes will be awarded for first to third place finishers for top 3DMark score and top CPU overclocking segments.

Contestants will be competing to see who can achieve the highest score with 3DMark06, a benchmark program from Futuremark that measures the 3D gaming performance capabilities of PCs

Grand prizes include a Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P motherboard, FSP Everest 800 Watt power supply, Maxcube Amoris 6010 Architectural Designed Gaming Case, GlacialTech X-Wing Cooling Pad, Gskill F3 Triple Channel DDR3 6GB memory module, and Enermax Apollo series 12cm Fan.

What's more? There are additional prizes too that will be awarded to second and third place runners-up, as well as two weekly lucky draw prizes for Gigabyte motherboards given away just for entering.

Samsung Widget Developer Camp

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If you have been a lover of Samsung's TouchWiz interface seen on most of its high end phones, rejoice! Samsung has announced the availability of its Mobile Widget SDK, which means that the UI is now open to third parties who can develop widgets for it.

Samsung's TouchWiz UI runs on a variety of smart-phone platforms including Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android and Samsung's own proprietary OS. The best thing with the SDK is that the widgets developed using this SDK will be compatible across all these platforms. If you are a developer, visit Samsung Developer Camp for download and other information. Note that you need to have a free Samsung Mobile Innovator account in order to download stuff from there.

To kick-off the launch of the Samsung Mobile Widget SDK, Samsung will host its first Widget Developer Camp from Sept. 11-13. The camp will provide select developers with the opportunity to hear from the Samsung Mobile Innovator team about the program and develop unique widgets using the SDK for a chance to win cash prizes. At the end of the Widget Developer Camp, a panel of VIP judges will select a winner in each category, who will be awarded a $5,000 prize individually. The judges will award one 'Best in Show' winner, who will receive $20,000 and the opportunity to attend CTIA IT & Entertainment 2009 in San Diego from Oct. 7-10 and have his/her widget showcased in Samsung's booth.

Facebook for iPhone 3.0

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Parties are fun, but a really great party means the morning after is spent untagging photographs on Facebook. You were having a perfectly good time until some amateur lens jockey decided to give you the double chin treatment and then have the gall to tag it. If you're at all modest (or vain), you might as well start changing your privacy settings now. According to Justin Smith at Inside Facebook, Engineer Joe Hewitt just submitted the official Facebook for iPhone 3.0 app to the App Store for review. The new release will build upon a number of the community's social features including the ability to create albums, zoom into images, improve photo tagging and add video.

The current Facebook for iPhone application is used by nearly 25% of all iPhone owners or roughly 12 million monthly active users. With the new app's photo and video features, if you aren't diligent in your untagging, your work mates might just get an eyeful of your weekend blunders or bathing suit body. Then again, if you're looking to land a date, this might be a great way to socialize. Facebook for iPhone 3.0 offers a great way to see status updates, rsvp to mixers and parties, and the ability to call contacts directly from the Friends page. With these new features, your social calendar might just fill up and you might end up trading in your little black book for a big blue network.

While Hewitt admits that the Facebook app's video feature is a last minute incorporation, it will be interesting to see if the decision to add it will cut into the user base of existing Twitter video apps.

To keep an eye on the Facebook for iPhone application process or to discuss the app, follow Joe Hewitt on Twitter (@joehewitt)or check out the Facebook for iPhone page for new photos.