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Mumbai Police - Connecting With Youth

Sunday, August 9, 2009 , Posted by Author at Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Mumbai Police department wants to connect with the youth through the internet via its new website

The website's aim is to encourage today's youth to stay informed, make the right choices - especially when it comes to the law, as well as encourage others to follow this.

CopConnect features commissioner of police's blog, an events section, a section comprising of printable application forms for various permissions required, latest news, as well as an anti-vice page that helps readers reach out to people suffering from or inclined towards substance abuse.

Commissioner of Police, D. Sivanandhan, writes on CopConnect's blog, "Please use the resources on this site to find out if any of your friends is going through any suspected substance abuse. If yes, please help us help him/her."

The info about the website was circulated among citizens of Mumbai through text messaging. The response to the initiative can be viewed below the commissioner's blog. The comments on the blog get reflected on the CopConnect's homepage under the 'Active Citizen' section.

With this website, Mumbai Police aims to inculcate optimism, inspiration among youth, as well as offer a platform so they can contribute to the community in every possible way.

You can write to them at

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